Functional Yoga for your Breath and your Nervous System

A workshop to discover your breath, learn to calm your nervous system and reconnect with your core. This workshop will help to improve your breathing and help manage stress!
We will work with the Coregeous ball.

With Marie-Soleil and Claudie Girard-Gendron Massage Therapist.
Sunday May 19 from 1-5pm
Cost $75 /$95 including the Coregeous ball
Limited spots
Accessible to all




Yoga & Musique – March 17th from 4:30 to 6:30 pm –

We’re back with this beautiful offering!


Since the beginning of time, sounds and movement go hand in hand.


Music during yoga guides our presence along with the rhythm of breath and movements. It supports the practice through simple and repetitive rhythms and sequences.

This music creates a deep and minimal background for the asanas. Violin, guitar, vocals and Tibetan bowls will be at the rendezvous for a slow, meditative and delicious practice.

With kindness and depth, we invite rest to fully settle in us to access an inner place of tranquility and letting go. During this 2-hour experience, we will explore a soothing style of poses, held for longer periods of time, to get a sense of deep relaxation through the more subtle and therapeutic practices of yoga.


About Guillaume

Musician from a young age, Guillaume studied classical violin before taking a BA in music therapy. His passion for music and healing drove him to explore sound healing. He trained with Fabien Maman (Tama Do Academy), John Beaulieu (treatments with tuning forks: Human Tuning) and Suren Shrestha (treatments with Tibetan bowls) to add knowledge to his intuition and he’s since practiced sound healing for close to 10 years. In 2014, to improve his qualities as a therapist, he completed studies in Mastery of the energy system.

He also accompanies yoga classes with his violin, his guitar and his bowls. Over the past several years, he has collaborated with many yoga schools to accompany yoga classes (Shri yoga, Lyne St-Roch, Yoga re: source, Wanderlust, Sivananda and many others) and also offers meditative concerts, sound healing and yoga classes in Montreal and across the provinces.

To discover his music: Holos or YouTube

Accessible to all.



40$ / 35$ for card holders

Space is limited. Please register and pay your spot to reserve yours!

Minimum 6 people.



Le Studio Sacred Space, Impasse des Trèfles, Mont-Tremblant