YOGA Certifications


Yoga Bhavana

  • Restorative and Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Marie-Daphné Roy (100 hours) completed in March 2017, Montreal, QC


Kreg Weiss, BHKin

  • Integrative Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with Kreg Weiss, with focus on functional yoga anatomy and Hatha yoga methodology and sequencing (70 hours) completed in November 2015, Montreal, QC


Yoga ReSource

  • Yoga Therapy Training with Carina Raisman (300 hours), including 35+ hours workshops, 30 hours case study and 18 hours clinical training with thesis on stress management (anxiety and depression), completed in November 2015, Montreal, QC
  • Workshops series: Yoga Therapy for the Lower Back, Yoga Therapy for the Shoulders, Neck & Wrists, Goal Setting: Move, Meditate, Manifest, Yoga Therapy for Stress Management 1 and 2,
  • Yin yoga for Healthy Women’s Cycles, Yin Yoga for Self-Love and Attuning to Winter – a Yin Yoga and Chinese Medicine Workshop with Janine Maila from AYNI Holistic Health
  • Yoga Alliance and ANQ certified training


Nirvana School of Yoga

  • Level 2 Teacher Training (500 Hours) as Kripalu Yoga Instructor with program director Asha Gayle Dieleman, co-director Naresh Ron King, assisted by Melanie Shank and Leila Stuart. Specialties within the program: prenatal & postnatal yoga, yoga dance, partner yoga, restorative yoga. Completed in September 2007 in White Rock BC
  • Level 1 Teacher Training (200 Hours) as Hatha Yoga Instructor in the Kripalu Tradition with program director Asha Gayle Dieleman and Barry Davison. Completed in January 2005 in Vancouver BC
  • Yoga Alliance certified trainings




JULES MITCHELL, Yoga biomechanics

  • Yoga Meets Science Workshop Series with Jules Mitchell (12 hours) including Foot Fundamentals and ankle articulations, Shoulder Potential, Hips Dynamics and This is Spinal Map in January 2020 Montreal, QC



  • Exploring and Healing the Pelvic Floor with Hart Lazer (5 hours) in July 2015, Montreal, QC



  • Perineo-Abdominal Education and Diastasis Prevention professional training, with Dr Bernardette de Gasquet (21 hours), in February 2016 at La source en soi in Montreal, QC



  • Biomechanics Workshop Series with Susi Hately (8 hours): When Alignment Fails, The Anatomy of Cueing, The Knees: How to Prevent Yoga Injuries in the Knee, SI Joints and Shoulders: How They Are Co-Dependent, in March 2013 at the Toronto Yoga Conference






  • Dance as Medicine (Elemental Dance) with Mylène Bergeron from Deep Flow and Jhennevièv from Nai’a Life (18 hours) in October 2019, Sutton
  • Restorative Bodywork Teacher Training with Mylène Bergeron (35 hours) in June 2019, Montreal
  • Teacher Training: Deep Flow Teaching Philosophy and Methodology, with guest teacher Jhennevièv from Nai’a Life (35 hours) in October 2018, El Salvador
  • Bodywork: Level 2 (now In-Motion), continuous education for massage therapists offered (80 hours) completed in September 2016, Montreal
  • Bodywork: Level 1 (now Foundation), continuous education for massage therapists (60 hours) in July 2016 at GUIJEK, Montreal
  • Restorative Bodywork & Myo-Fascial Release with Mylène Bergeron (35 hours) in May 2015, Montreal






  • Movement Research Intensive with Frey Faust, founder of the Axis Syllabus, (100 hours), second edition in 2018 in Toronto, ON, with guest speakers:
    • Francesca Pedulla – Tuning Perception,
    • Diane Bruni – Developmental Movement and Resistance Training,
    • Ruth Douthwright – Projects in Motion,
    • Kevin O’Conner – Dancing and Biotensegrity: Exploring the senses and science of fascia,
    • Jane Clapp – Trauma Recovery and Movement,
    • Riki Richer – Proprioception and the Nervous System,
    • Erin Godfrey – Moderation in Motion,
    • Dr Sarah Kim – Science of Resistance Training,
    • Leslie Young – Hanna Somatics,
    • Matthew Remski – Historical Perspective
  • First Edition in 2017 with Frey Faust (100 hours) in Toronto, ON, with guest speakers:
    • Diane Bruni – Developmental Movement and DNS breathing,
    • Ruth Douthwright – Ageless Grace,
    • Riki Richer – All about Diaphragms,
    • Erin Godfrey – Healthy Alignment Patterns,
    • Leslie Young – Hanna Somatics,
    • Kathryn Bruni Young – Strength Training,
    • Trudy Austin – Your Tensegrity Body,
    • Matthew Remski – Evolution in Yoga




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