About me

Therapeutic, Adaptative, Restorative

I put a great emphasis on the mechanics of Yoga – proper breath and alignment – creating a playful space where students are encouraged to honor the wisdom of the body, exploring rhythm, stillness and opportunities for intuitive movement.


Influenced by the compassion of the Kripalu lineage, a weakness for flowing sequences as for the therapeutic values of restorative, my classes are conducted with both the first-timer and the committed student in mind. I incorporate dynamic sequences (Vinyasa) to extended holding of postures to promote inner awareness of the body in motion and develop focus.


The practice of Asanas is merely a glimpse of the present; breathing free is the goal of my practice. Through comfort and stability, my intentions lead the way.

My Personal Journey

Exposed as a child to dynamic meditation practices, it was later in my studies I discovered it was actually meditation in movement, it was yoga. As a young adult, after a string of accidents and chronic pain, I discovered the practice of asanas –postures, pranayamas –breathing techniques, and the many blessings of setting intentions in all the details of my life.

The aches and soreness experienced over the years were a blessing in disguise as, through my yoga practice, it allowed me to connect to a strong intuitive knowledge, to the wisdom of awareness, movement and breath. And among the many teachings, Kripalu Yoga helps you to cultivate compassion for yourself so you can bring compassion to your whole world.

The Learning Path is One That Never Endsmoua

With ongoing studies and explorations in the vast inspiring world of yoga, I believe practice, trainings and workshops are transformation and integration tools for both myself and my students. I actually just completed the Yoga Therapy certification with Carina Raisman at Re: source Yoga!

So the transformation continues. xo Marie

“Love is the only universal language and worldwide religion.” –Swami Kripalu



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